Brand Support Writer

Brittany Eshelman

With a knack for building connections, Brittany draws inspiration from her international upbringing and world travels to craft engaging stories.

Brittany brings a breadth of experiences and perspectives to her writing. As a kid, she grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, with the Alps in her backyard. Geneva is a global hub for diplomacy, and her childhood friends and classmates reflected this, forming a mini United Nations of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Growing up abroad, she developed a knack for community building and integrates this connected perspective into her writing. Her love for storytelling started at a young age and draws on her natural strengths: an inherent curiosity, an ability to form deep connections, and a passion for wordsmithing.

In her early career, she gained experience writing for startups and entrepreneurs and has seen the direct impact of a story well told. She quickly became fascinated by (some may say obsessed with) how writing can be used to educate, to persuade, and to build community. For Brittany, writing has always been a powerful tool to connect with and to share the stories of those she admires. In the past, she has leveraged her writing skills to showcase key insights from industry leaders, to raise over $2M for a social enterprise, and to help founders inspire others by sharing their entrepreneurial journeys.

Brittany earned her B.A. in Economics and Global Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she gained an interdisciplinary education that honed her ability to identify and examine topics from multiple lenses. With an adventurous spirit, outside of work, you can find Brittany rock climbing in the evenings, planning a trip to a new destination, or learning a new skill to add to her growing list of hobbies.

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