Brand and UI Designer

Grant O'Dell

Growing up in a small city in rural southern Illinois, Grant knew he wanted to craft logos from a young age.

Bringing life to fake baseball and hockey teams was only the start of where design would take him. When he graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Communication Design, he had an abrupt realization that the “Land of Lincoln” was not necessarily the “Land of Branding.”

Faith plays a big role in Grant’s life and led him and his wife to Kalamazoo, Michigan to help plant a church. The “big city” of Kalamazoo provided the opportunity for him to pursue a formal career in branding. After a few years of freelancing and branding for fun, Grant ended up in the agency realm for five years before his ever-hoped-for gig at Focus Lab gave him the opportunity to align his passion with his pursuit. His experience and love for branding is what drives his desire to craft memories and stories through visual identity.

To this day, Grant feels blessed to be able to do what he loves. Kalamazoo is still home to him and his wife, Taryn. When he’s not designing for Focus Lab, he’s probably still making logos for hockey and baseball teams like his 10-year-old self once did. Outside of that, you’ll find him golfing, disc golfing, watching his beloved St. Louis Blues, dungeon mastering, or most importantly, spending time in his faith or with his wife.