Brand and UI Designer

Zach Lansdale

Who would've thought that at the age of 13 in a small town in Middletown, OH, Zach would get introduced to graphic design while playing a game called “Counter-Strike” competitively?

As you could imagine, Zach's mom couldn't get him off of the computer, nor did she think a computer could lead to a full-on career (not in gaming, that is). But his work in the gaming community got him accepted into the design program at Miami University of Ohio, where he learned the true impact design could have in business and marketing. Through that, and continuously improving his craft, he landed an internship at Interbrand which paved the way for him throughout his career.

Zach has been working professionally in the design industry since 2009. He prides himself on being an adaptable and flexible designer with packaging, brand identity, advertising, and product design experience. He roots all of his work through a strategic lens and gets most excited when design pushes that business throttle forward.

Zach now lives and works in Connecticut. When he’s not in the home office, he's spending time with his lovely wife, Maggie, chasing his oh-so-fun 2-year-old, Lily, around the house, or kicking' it with his dog pal Monty. He also enjoys collecting baseball cards and hats (even though he only wears one of them).

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