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Focus Lab Early-Stage B2B Branding Division

A visual identity as bold as your vision.

We take pride in building memorable, intentional, and functional brands. Define yours while staying flexible as your company grows.

The first round includes three distinct directions.

Meet Our Early-Stage B2B Branding Division

Understanding the importance of both quality and speed early on, we crafted a collaborative process that takes place over six weeks. With a focus on building a foundational visual identity that gives you everything you need to hit the ground running.

The result of our six weeks together? A visual identity that lays the groundwork for growth. Brand guidelines that give you the ability to differentiate and resonate with both your investors and your audience.

"Almost as a byproduct of not feeling really great about our brand, we didn't share it as widely as we wanted to. Now that we have all this confidence to go out and hit the circuit, as it were, we're hearing from a lot of people that we didn't hear from for a long time. Having a brand that feels really good, and being able to get the feedback, and to be able to actually push on and grow this company. I just feel like it was such a hurdle for a while." - Bitwise CEO Matt Powell

Embark devin

Devin Richards, Managing Director

Embark grant

Grant O'Dell, Brand Designer

Earlystageprocess v3

Now let's see how it works in practice.

Lookback Case Study

Lookback is a software platform that enables businesses to better understand their customers through qualitative interviews and usability testing. After finding success in the user experience research space, they were ready to expand their reach to all forms of customer insights.

Lookback r2 grid

The three unique directions presented to Lookback

First Round of Ideation

Three conceptual directions were presented: Dynamic, Bridging Digital & Human, and Friend to Discoverability.

Dynamic speaks to the iterative process of user research, surfacing the right insights (usually between the lines) to build useful products. The geometric mark paired with a color combination says Lookback is dialed in, intelligent, and intuitive. Bridging Digital & Human is a mixed sans-serif/serif logotype to set a digital tone and convey the human spirit. Finally, Friend to Discoverability evokes curiosity in an approachable way through its playful logotype and color palette. Discoverability makes a product great and doing the work of user research takes curiosity and ambition.

Lookback markexplo
Lookback refine2

The Refinement Process

After the Lookback team chose their preferred direction — Bridging Digital & Human — we began refining that direction and building out the visual language. We explored typography, color palettes, and photo styles over the following weeks. As the visual identity took shape, we applied it to different instances and mediums, testing the boundaries of the new identity.

Lookback round3

Brand Style Guidelines Deliverable

Finally, the Lookback team received their Brand Style Guidelines. The guidelines include all the elements needed — logos, typefaces, colors, and more — to create a consistent tone, look, and feel for Lookback's materials. Guidelines ensure visual consistency and provide a clearly communicated framework as Lookback grows.

Lookback final
Lookback guidelines 0004 swag
Lookback guidelines 0003 palette
Lookback guidelinesgrid

This project felt like a true collaboration and we've enjoyed both the process and the output. I especially want to thank the team for taking us on in a lean fashion. [...] Fantastic results.

Craig James, Chief Design Officer, Lookback

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