Working on video, television, and film production is a relay race to the final cut.

Even humble projects often involve multiple editors and consultants, each working in specialized software. Until recently, there wasn’t one, comprehensive tool that allowed everyone on a project to easily provide feedback for seamless frame-by-frame editing. not only solves this pain point, it transforms the patchwork tool model into a creative ecosystem. Our challenge was to tell a vivid, dynamic story for an audience that tells stories in motion.

We helped tell their story through a bold new identity and a robust online experience.


Our Approach

Because their product does nothing short of reuniting artists with their creative process, we wanted to create a brand and website that felt like a beautiful revolution: Something other artists would embrace with tribal allegiance and pride. It needed to be bold, visually stunning, and authentic.

Branding intro
Branding intro 2

Visual Identity

To capture the transformative nature of the brand, we designed elements that create a sense of evolution and progression. From the visual and verbal identities to their applications on the website, the brand speaks to how is taking an industry steeped in traditions and revolutionizing the way we think about video review and collaboration.

To arrive at the mark, we converted the classic video play icon to a textured tread that feels lifelike and tangible. Then we took it a leap forward with motion graphics, smoking the purple bars into gorgeous, vivid existence.

Mixed style block

Web Design

We chose a mostly dark aesthetic, as it needed to speak to a very targeted audience of creative professionals. While the look and feel mirrored elements created during the branding phase, the use of lighting, depth, and shadows were used to pay homage to the industry. This site leverages beautiful product visuals accompanied by intentional brand elements to bring the visitor a cohesive brand experience.

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Blog Home

I love our new branding. Now that it’s out in the wild and we’ve started replacing it everywhere, it just feels like the brand we’ve always wanted to represent ourselves to the world. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Focus Lab again.

Emery Wells, CEO,

Post-Project Success

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