A company founded on authentic principles and proven solutions for crushing sales goals in a sincere, scalable way, Salesloft values trust over trends.

Salesloft serves a global audience of sales professionals navigating the shift to digital selling and the company is poised for exponential growth. Its comprehensive platform supports profound customer listening and deeper connections; the results speak for themselves. Salesloft needed a brand that would support their ambitions and embody a culture of authenticity and delight.

“If you can bottle the energy that lives in the Salesloft offices and infuse that into the brand, it would be a home run,” Salesloft posed. Challenge accepted.

As the #1 Sales Engagement solution in the market, Salesloft is beloved by its users, but the previous brand lacked energy and prominence. It was time for the world to immediately understand its distinction.

Brand Strategy

Salesloft was born out of the idea of adding sincerity to sales. The company is a passionate, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive organization that cares for its people and customers. We worked with the Salesloft team to identify their brand attributes as sincere, energetic, and best-in-class. Although "winning" is an important outcome for sales, we focused on "best-in-class" for the visual strategy to avoid coming off as insincere. “Best-in-class” is the attribute that guides our choices. “Winning” is the outcome that is conveyed through verbal identity.

In addition to the brand attributes, it was clear that Salesloft was built on a foundation of both passion and expertise — a balance that creates enduring relationships and measurable results. The incredible care that Salesloft extends to partners and buyers was so apparent, and we wanted to convey that next-level service in the new brand identity.

A meeting of people surrounding a laptop

Photography by Lauren Jones

Salesloft's Brand Attributes are sincere, energetic, and best-in-class

Verbal Identity

The new verbal identity conveys the confidence of timeless authority and evokes the fast-paced environment and ambitions of Salesloft’s audience. These feelings converge, blurring the lines between work and life with the distinct character of both. We also crafted a brand story for Salesloft that aligns with their mission and vision and energizes their team: "Salespeople love to win. But the real story isn’t in the win. That’s the outcome. The magic is in the game [...] Salesloft is relentlessly driven to make you the sales legend you want to be."

The Salesloft brand voice is confident, sincere, and energetic. To them, sales isn’t a series of transactions; it’s human-to-human connection. They put heart and honesty into everything they say. Their voice reflects their capability, integrity, and experience – and makes others feel capable in return. They are vibrant, encouraging, and driven.

This isn't our sales pitch. It's our mission.
Vision: Every seller is loved by the buyers they serve. #saleslove
Salesloft is the only all-in-one platform that can power your entire revenue team.

We couldn't have asked for a better brand partner than the Focus Lab team! Thank you all for your incredible work and inspiring us to be bold and tell our story in an authentic way.

Cindy Curtin Knezevich, VP Brand and Communications, Salesloft


Salesloft's logotype is a custom logotype built on the bones of the typeface Moret and contains script-like connections that increase legibility and ownability. The monogram is a short–hand of the logotype to give the visual identity distinction in small instances, such as an app icon.

Early Salesloft wordmark explorations
Salesloft Logotype
A monogram S rendered in 3D
Salesloft business cards
Salesloft branded jacket

Salesloft required solutions for both sub-brands and endorsed brands.

Endorsed Brand

Visual Language

Goodbye, sea of SaaS blue! Hello, sophisticated, fresh colors.

The visual system has polish and personality: premium typography adds status, curated photography feels editorial and genuine, and ownable illustrative pattern work exudes energy and movement. The color palette consists of tonal greens that communicate growth, renewal, and energy.

Fresh green color palette

The secondary palette is reserved for charts, infographics, and small elements.

Typography: Nib is Salesloft's lead display typeface. Its mixture of sharp and organic elements make it an ownable serif family that feels sincere, yet first class. Metric is Salesloft's workhorse typeface. It's an incredible sans serif family that is slightly condensed and showcases some subtle humanist qualities.

Nib Display
Metric Typeface
Ideal typestack and hierarchy

Pattern: The Salesloft patterns add an authentic and human quality to the brand. These hand-drawn tick marks add visual interest to large color blocks and photography.

Pattern explorations

Pattern colors
A branded umbrella with the Salesloft pattern


For Salesloft, we defined two distinct photography styles: portrait and environmental. As a primary headshot style, we wanted to complement the core color palette by having something that felt warm and inviting with authentic expressions and neutral backgrounds. This simplistic approach also helps contrast other photography styles and the visual language system.

A secondary style leans on environment and light to portray a glimpse of the Salesloft lifestyle. We call it The Early Riser, and it’s meant to introduce context that helps in telling the larger story of the brand. Individual subjects are camera unaware to better complement and not compete with headshot styles. This tone comes to life through morning shadows, commutes, and cityscapes; in motion and as photojournalism, with none of the chaos. It’s a little tough, a little poetic, and altogether authentic and unique.

Professionals sit in an outdoor courtyard
Headshot style for Salesloft. A woman laughing
Headshot style
People sit in an outdoor courtyard


For our interactive work, we once again started with the brand attributes: sincere, energetic, and best-in-class. We used the tick mark pattern from the visual language to guide the user through the page while maintaining a sense of movement.

Salesloft homepage design
Testing color contrast for accessibility
Sample interactive testimonials
Custom icons for Salesloft
Interactive Element designed in Figma

Brand Support

With hundreds of employees and offices across the globe, there were a lot of assets to be updated before Salesloft's brand launch. Our Brand Support team was able to step in to help with everything from e-books to podcast branding to website heroes to additional site pages. Accounting for and prioritizing all those additional brand elements helps to quickly establish consistency across the Salesloft experience.

Site banners
Branding for Salesloft's podcast, Hey Sales People!
A Metrics That Matter branded ebook

Undoubtedly, we were ONE TEAM on this incredible journey and it turned out better than my wildest dream!

Sydney Sloan, CMO, Salesoft
Salesloft branded socks

Post-Project Success

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