Writing Lead

Amy Nance

Amy is a sucker for stories—told, written, filmed, sung, fireside chat-style, what have you.

Born and bred on Florida’s Gulf Coast, she knew from the age of 6 she’d be a writer, and no one attempted (read: dared) to divert her from this path. She studied writing and literature in college and then went on to earn an MFA in Fiction at Columbia University, where she began teaching creative writing, vetted queries at two literary agencies, and attended exactly one party thrown by Jay Z and Madonna. It was fun.

After 13 years of teaching creative writing, literature, and storytelling at The University of Tampa and The Ringling College of Art and Design, she finally hung up her academic tassels in favor of a full-time career in professional storytelling. Along the way, she published short stories, moonlighted as a writer and editor for Brand USA, traveled to write for destination publications, and wrote a column for a local alt parenting magazine. There her main subject—and reigning favorite—was her two kids, Willa and Jude.

Amy tries to have a poet’s regard for language (if Mary Poppins sang a song about precision, playfulness, economy, and sound she’d belt it on the daily) and a novelist’s knack for character, voice, and pace. An avid reader and researcher, Amy is happy to have lived up to one of the biggest writer-clichés going: open her right-side bottom drawer and you’ll find a 352-page novel, stacked.

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