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Brand Support Designer

Andy Woycik

Passionate about all things design related, Andy (figuratively, we hope) drools over clever copy and minimal design.

Andy’s love for design started when he was a youngster, obsessed with the cartoon-style graphics on skateboards and in the magazines at his local skate shop (a love he hasn’t lost to this day). Years later, in a high-school graphic communication class, he learned that this edgy, no-rules art form was called “graphic design,” and he was destined for what was to come: a BFA in studio art and a career as a graphic designer.

Inside and outside of work, Andy is known for his optimism. There’s always a bright side — an opportunity to make the impossible possible. As a Brand Support Designer, his let’s-make-it-happen mindset keeps him open-minded, well-rounded, and willing to jump in on any project.

For Andy, design isn’t just beauty. Making an impact matters. He enjoys working with established brands to translate and expand their visual expression across print and packaging materials, social and UI designs, and everything else in between. Collaboration is woven into his workflow to bring a brand’s full potential to fruition.

Currently residing on the west side (the best side) of Michigan, Andy loves all things outdoors. You can find him snowboarding, dirt biking, kayaking, camping, anywhere near a lake, or sitting around a bonfire with friends in the summer. He is also reputed to be an avid whistler (which his wife, Alyssa, claims to hate but secretly loves).

Andy Woycik Outdoors