Brand Strategist

Anna Beyerle Rosen

Anna has always enjoyed digging deep to understand the story behind an idea.

Growing up, this quest manifested itself in reading the trivia pages for films on IMDB, devouring nonfiction books, and watching documentaries. Storytelling is Anna’s guide, and having an opportunity to craft narratives and vehicles for others’ stories has driven her career.

After majoring in journalism at the University of Dayton (go Flyers!) and working in marketing communications for nonprofits, Anna studied graphic design and worked as a freelance designer. There, she fell in love with the brand strategy process and pivoted once again, becoming a full-time brand strategist. With five years in the freelance world and dozens of national and local clients behind her, Anna joined the team at Focus Lab, bringing a well-rounded background of all things brand-related.

Anna loves working on brand strategy because she gets to help an organization tell their unique story. Not just the surface-level story, but a deeper story that tells what drives a company and makes them tick, establishing a solid foundation that the rest of their brand is built on.

After stints in Cleveland, New York City, and Denver, Anna’s back in the South and calls Memphis home. When she’s not building brands, you’ll find her reading a good book, practicing yoga, hiking, crafting, writing one of the books or essays she has in the works, or hanging at home, watching a good movie or show under a cozy blanket. She lives with her husband, Jacob, cat, Roscoe, and dog, Gail, who’ve lived in more time zones than most humans.

Anna interior 45