People Operations Intern

Bree Fry-Jones

Born in the Windy City and raised in Hotlanta, Bree is a loving mother, diligent worker, ambitious student, and enthusiastic intern at Focus Lab.

She currently resides in Jonesboro, Georgia with her incredible, energetic, and entertaining children and her significant other. Her utmost joy comes from spending quality time with her close-knit family, hip-hop dancing, meditating on the beach, and serving others.

Bree presently and proudly attends the first-ever public, historically black college in the state of Georgia, The Savannah State University! She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and looks forward to graduating in May of 2022. She aspires to not only help businesses run more efficiently and maximize their profits, but to offer genuine compassion and support to the people who work for them. Deemed an Enneagram Type Two, she’ll have no trouble naturally connecting with people of all walks of life and establishing long-term personal and professional relationships with clients and peers.

As the people operation intern, Bree is exposed to her many ambitions and gets a chance to practice and influence the employee experience at Focus Lab.