Project Manager

Devin Richards

"Planning is everything, but the plan is nothing."

After working for more than ten years in a multitude of different management roles in a multitude of different industries (one of those being a tour manager on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour), Devin finally stumbled upon his calling working in the digital interactive space.

He got his start working for a small creative agency in Orlando, FL. During his time there, Devin had the opportunity of working with a wide range of clients, big and small, honing his craft as a digital project manager.

Aside from digital project management, Devin also worked as an assistant director and production assistant for photography and video production shoots.

He grew up in a small town near Clarksburg, West Virginia, and never wants to let go of his country boy roots. When he’s not scheduling out a project, he loves playing video games with his wife Jami, hanging with his two Daschund puppies, Hubert and Archie, and teaching his son August everything he knows.

One of his favorite quotes is by the late, great Dwight D. Eisenhower. He believes it sums up the life of a digital project manager: "Planning is everything, but the plan is nothing."

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