Brand Support Designer

Jordan Snell

Jordan’s philosophy on design: Be consistently curious and trust the process.

Jordan’s first design was a signature banner for a video game forum that he created on a pirated version of Photoshop when he was 13. He kept creating designs for himself and his gaming clan, which eventually turned into designs for friends, before full-on freelancing after high school.

Even though he’s been designing for a decade, Jordan takes every day as a new opportunity to push his craft. He believes the best way to do that is to be consistently curious and trust the process. Developing an eye for layout and composition that lends itself to how a design system and all of its elements work together is also critical.

His hometown is Melbourne, Florida, a beautiful, sunny city on the coast (which makes his chronic paleness even funnier). Hartsville, South Carolina is where he went to college for Sports Nutrition & Athletic Programming (no design school) and where he met his beautiful wife, Meagan. Today, they’re back in Hartsville — a poetic circle-back to the city where they first met, only now with their dog, Oakley, in tow.

Jordan has spent his whole life kicking a ball and it’s where he feels the most at peace and in control. A perfect weekend involves lots of soccer, time with his wife, movies, good food, and more soccer.

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