People Operations Director

Kellie Groover

Kellie is a genuine people-person and loves being part of a great team-driven culture.

Just like Focus Lab, Kellie was born and bred in Savannah, Georgia. She ventured to sunny Florida to make magic with everyone’s favorite mouse for a few years, but ultimately followed the call home and put down roots in Savannah, where she found her work home in Focus Lab.

Kellie took the scenic route into People Operations. While drawing has always been a passion of hers (she studied animation at SCAD), she found her true calling in resourcing humans. While pursuing her Communications degree at Georgia Southern, the classes that rose to the top for her were Semantics and Interpersonal Communication. She didn’t know it then, but that was truly the start of her journey towards People Ops. Given her art background, she knew she wanted to work in a creative environment. Focus Lab offered her the perfect combination: the opportunity to be surrounded by creativity and to flex her people skills.

She is proud to have helped pave the way for People Ops at Focus Lab. Upon SHRM Certification (while growing a tiny human) in 2017, Kellie officially took on the role of People Operations Director. A part of the team for several years, she’s had the privilege of helping shape and improve the employee experience for our incredibly talented team of amazing humans. A helper to her core—specifically an enneagram 2, for those of you following along at home—she is passionate about people, highly empathetic, with an ear to the ground. She stays on top of celebrating the big and little things in her teammate’s lives. Kellie touches all parts of the Employee Experience: Recruitment, Onboarding, Benefits, Compensation, and Feedback, and she gets to plan a fun team offsite every once in a while. Ultimately, she takes great care in her role, making sure the team is supported and feeling appreciated for the amazing people they are and the awesome work they do for our clients.

When she’s not working, you can usually find her running a race with her friends, getting splats at Orangetheory, playing outside with her boys, escaping to Disney, or watching movies with the fam. Movies are a big deal for Kellie and her husband: they met at Blockbuster–she took care of his late fees.

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