Project Manager

Mason Hawkins

Mason grew up in Moore, Oklahoma, in the heart of Tornado Alley. Yet despite the turbulent weather (or maybe because of it) she would soon discover a knack for creating calm and providing direction — and sending the occasional friendly reminder in the pre-dawn hours.

Her journey began after high school. She earned her associate’s degree in psychology, then transferred to the University of Central Oklahoma, where she majored in strategic communications.

In college, she thrived leading group projects (you know, the type who texts too early in the morning to make sure you did your part) and balanced her time between school, working at a local bank, and interning with Yelp in Oklahoma City.

Her first job out of college — a project director — was at a small agency specializing in marketing for orthopedic practices across the country. After learning just about everything she could about joint replacements, she joined a local advertising agency managing accounts, building client relationships, and planning campaigns for a wide variety of clients. She eventually became an account executive there and, after dabbling in the business development side of things, realized that her heart was really in project management — this was where she wanted to grow.

Enter . . . Focus Lab.

For Mason, it’s all about fostering great relationships, whether that’s with clients or team members. She seeks to understand people’s emotions and figure out how they tick so that she can amplify their talents and skills. Her favorite parts of her role? Seeing projects evolve from start to finish, nimbly navigating challenges, and making sure that both the client and the creative team walk away proud of what they’ve accomplished.

When she’s not crossing off items on her Focus Lab to-do list, she’s probably at a local fitness class, trying out a new recipe, indulging in the latest beach read (in any season), or spending time with her husband Mack and their two dogs, Nico and Milo.

Mason 43