Brand Writer

Sebastian Fryer

It all started on an elementary school playground …

That’s where Sebastian’s third-grade teacher encouraged him to start his own newspaper. It was a short-lived enterprise, but it sparked a passion for discovery that continues to this day.

Sebastian has always had a strong desire to figure things out and channel that understanding into clear, concise communications — a quality that’s led him to thrive in roles as a writer, journalist, teacher, and instructional designer, working in and with organizations in industries like life sciences, manufacturing, finance, and hospitality.

What gets him up in the morning? Diving deep into complex subject matter, asking millions of questions, connecting the dots where others don’t, and becoming an expert of whatever he’s working on. Too technical? Too complicated? For Sebastian, these concepts simply don’t exist.

This curiosity carries over into his personal life, too: In his free time, Sebastian seeks out art that challenges him to see things from a new perspective. When he’s not deep in thought, you can catch him walking, running, biking, or moving in any way possible, which in his home state of Michigan means getting outside whether the sun is shining or there’s three feet of snow on the ground.