Brand and UI Designer

Stetson Finch

From drafting plans to creating brands.

Born and raised in a small Arizona town, Stetson cultivated his passion for design through various creative outlets, including hunting down designer furniture at thrift stores with his dad, creating logos for made-up companies, and using the skills he gained in his high school architecture classes to draft up ideas for his (what would be insanely expensive) dream home.

After high school, Stetson landed a job at an architecture firm where he learned to create mockups for buildings he was working on. That’s when he learned Photoshop, and the rest is history. His world became consumed by all things graphic design and branding, watching countless tutorials and reading endless articles to learn as much as he could about design theory, trends, typography, graphic production, software, and anything else he could get his hands on.

Stetson’s college major — graphic information technology — allowed him to hone additional skills in web design, studio photography, print production, strategy, and more, shaping him into the highly pragmatic and solutions-oriented brand designer he is today.

When he’s not working on brands, you can find Stetson spending time with his wife and pets, playing video games, going to rap concerts, and doing home improvement projects.

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