In Conversation

Brand Naming with Lexicon's David Placek

by Bill Kenney

Focus Lab's CEO Bill Kenney chats with David Placek, President and Founder of Lexicon Branding, about his career in naming some of the world's most recognized companies. Lexicon is behind brands you probably interact with daily: Febreze, Sonos, Blackberry, Swiffer, Dasani, Impossible Foods.

Bill asks David a few questions to find out challenges and successes in naming.

  • When a company needs a new name, what is the pain point they're trying to solve?
  • Is there a time when a brand doesn't need a new name?
  • What is the most challenging part of the naming process?
  • Is there a name from Lexicon's past you don't think aged well?
  • After finalizing a name, what's the most satisfying part of handing that name off to a branding agency or the company?

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