The Debrief

Locally Rebrand

by Bill Kenney

Locally helps connect local retailers with online shoppers. After roughly seven years in business, the brand had become disjointed and lacked scalability. Focus Lab worked with Locally on their rebrand to prepare them for that next phase of growth. Focus Lab CEO Bill Kenney chats with Locally Founder and CEO Mike Massey about our work together and how the final direction almost didn't make it passed the chopping block.

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0:00 - Intro
3:02 - How did you know it was time to rebrand?
4:42 - What were you looking for in a rebrand partner?
10:46 - What was the most challenging part?
14:50 - What was the most surprising aspect of the project?
16:46 - What was the most rewarding part?
22:03 - How’s the new brand performing?
23:34 - Is there anything you can do now that you couldn’t do with the old brand?
23:59 - Do you have any words of advice for organizations looking to go through a rebrand?

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