A process with you in mind

People choose to partner with us because of our proven processes, industry expertise, and intangible lessons learned through more than a decade of successful B2B brand building.

What to expect

  • 01 Guided Input You want to feel seen and heard, because that’s the only way to create a brand that’s true to you. You'll receive tailored, tested prep work so we understand you and your business quickly and completely, and can ask questions that matter—before any work happens.
  • 02 Project Pulse Our dependable working cadence means you’ll meet with us and receive a deliverable every week. You’re involved every step of the way, and you’ll always know when and what to expect.
  • 03 Video Deliveries Video walkthroughs of our deliverables allow you to digest and evaluate the work on your own time. You can also use them to communicate the work internally and get buy-in from stakeholders. Plus, your asynchronous feedback allows us to make the most of our meeting time together.
  • 04 Iteration Following the project pulse, each week you’ll receive an iteration on the previous week’s work. This means that your input is heard weekly, your brand is built incrementally, and we are in lockstep with you all the while.
Photo of Focus Lab team members in a zoom meeting.
Photo of a sketch pad with various logo ideas and concepts drawn across the pages.


In our efforts to deliver an unforgettable experience, we are as committed to delivering on the intangibles as we are to delivering on tangible work.

What to expect

  • 01 Expertise We are specialists, not generalists. We bring the countless invaluable lessons we’ve learned over time. Our process includes continually incorporating new knowledge. Every day we learn, every day we improve, every day our clients benefit from those experiences.
  • 02 Coaching To succeed in a branding project, you’ll need to leave stronger than when you arrived. To ensure your success, we freely and frequently share what we’ve learned from the client side: from navigating executive input, to how to give feedback, to rolling out your brand, and more.
  • 03 S.A.U.C.E. Our customer experience mantra, Seek to Achieve Unforgettable Customer Experiences, calls us to do right by our clients, even when doing right is hard. We want you to walk away with great work made even better by a rewarding experience.
  • 04 Partnership When you work with Focus Lab, we become an extension of your team. There’s no “us and them,” there’s just us. It’s through the power of partnership, of collaboration, that we can work to unlock your potential.

I now understand why Focus Lab came so highly recommended. I've never had such super-serving from a vendor in my entire life.

Dan Owen, Global Director of Creative and Branding, Netflix
Photo of Focus Lab team member, Chase, working on brand concepts in a conference room table with a whiteboard wall in the background.


Brand Strategy
All our brand work, both verbal and visual, is rooted in brand strategy. We use research and evaluation to create a strategic foundation and rationale for the direction of your identity. Consider strategy your brand’s north star.
Verbal Identity
Verbal identity provides the verbal component to a brand identity. From positioning, to voice and tone, to core internal messages, to external messaging guidelines, verbal identity instructs as to both the words to say and the way in which to say them.
Visual Identity
Visual identity creates all of the design elements you need to communicate your brand — logo, typography, color palette, and more. Visual design yields both the elements and the guidelines for communicating visually.
Brand Support
A focused offering, brand support is your tactical brand rollout team, making sure all of your core touchpoints are imbued with the visual components of your new brand. We helped create your brand. We can also help you roll it out — with guidance, best practices, and design services for your rollout collateral.
Web Design
One of the most visible and persuasive applications of your brand, your web experience deserves content and visuals that are a true reflection of your new identity. We help ensure your most important pages carry your new brand forward.