Founded by developers and built for developers, LaunchDarkly introduced the world to feature management. Already a favorite within SaaS technology markets, LaunchDarkly was ready for a brand that matched their ambitions.

LaunchDarkly frees teams to test within production environments instead of silos, enabling fearless deployment and faster innovation. In order to propel the growth of its product adoption, LaunchDarkly aimed to take hold of its momentum, boldly stating why its brand matters and how it solves greater business challenges. We knew we had to balance LaunchDarkly's concrete outcomes with aspirational impacts to appeal to developers and C-suite decision makers alike. We worked with their team to create a new identity that is altogether professional, assertive, and vibrant.

Setting course for the future, LaunchDarkly needed a brand that distinguished them as the true pioneer of feature management.

Brand Strategy

The LaunchDarkly team initially identified their brand attributes as progressive, optimistic, and best-in-class. Although accurate to their current organization, we worked with their team to identify personifiable characteristics of its bolder future, and ones that could only be attributed to LaunchDarkly.

We saw LaunchDarkly as The Reliable Maverick: personal and individual, LaunchDarkly sets the standard, blazes the trail, and invites people to join. They're Assured and Bright: confident leaders approaching the future with expectancy, not hesitation. Finally, LaunchDarkly is Boast-worthy: a person who's probably cooler than you, but their presence makes you feel empowered, confident, and understood, inspiring authentic loyalty their customers can't wait to brag about.

The Reliable Maverick, Assured and Bright, and Boast-worthy could never be a brand other than LaunchDarkly. These characteristics are not for everyone, and that’s good; together, they tell a larger, aspirational story of the brand’s identity that’s decidedly different and wholly ownable.

The Launch Darkly Brand Attributes: The Reliable Maverick, Assured and Bright, Boast-worthy
A shot over-the-shoulder of a developer working on a laptop.
Three colorful abstract infographics in the LaunchDarkly visual language

Created by LaunchDarkly

Verbal Identity

There is no platform like LaunchDarkly, and there is no voice like it either. Focus Lab helped LaunchDarkly identify a one-of-a-kind voice and tone to go along with its visionary technology.

Focused and Empowering, Refreshingly Real, and No BS, LaunchDarkly’s voice claims its own space in the landscape. Tinkerers and mavericks at heart, they’ve challenged the status quo from the start — but they’re not reckless. There’s serious business at stake for a developer’s reputation and a company’s success. LaunchDarkly embodies these traits through communication that is insightful and rational — based in fact rather than assumption. Memorable and credible, its voice fosters loyalty and recognition by developers and stakeholders alike.

In addition to our voice and tone work, we created a house style manual to fine-tune their brand-specific grammar, mechanics, and style rules. Verbal identity work wrapped up with web copy editing to ensure consistent application of voice and tone and style guide rules.

When today's needs collide with tomorrow's vision, breakthrough is imminent.


From its position of authority, the brand communicates strength in unity, authenticity, and transformative action. A leader of the night, LaunchDarkly brings with it the dawn, obliterating barriers and blazing a trail for developers.

Dubbed Osmo, LaunchDarkly's new mark pilots an atmosphere of trillions of feature ships. Osmo brings to life the brand's mission-critical opportunity for modern development. In a world where every company is a software company, LaunchDarkly leads the way and saves the day.

The logotype began as a font, which was then edited to function more as a unique logotype. The logo lockup positions the mark to the right of the logotype, directing the eye forward.

How the LaunchDarkly mark with built from shapes
Small refinements of the LaunchDarkly logotype
The final LaunchDarkly logo lockup: the logotype with the mark.
A T-shirt mockup with LaunchDarkly branding
A mockup of LaunchDarkly business cards
A mockup of a large convention banner that reads, "Feature flags of the Future"

Visual Language

LaunchDarkly is blazing the trail and we wanted to use the visual language to reintroduce boldness and dynamism to the brand. Accent colors are bold and UI elements are sharp. A subtle gradient adds color to headlines without being too jarring. Vector and line textures float on the background and create branded, visual balance. A layered blur effect balances strong visual elements with legibility while simultaneously adding depth to compositions.

Typography also plays an essential part of the identity. It allows LaunchDarkly to be boast-worthy while remaining reliable and assured. The typographic system relies on Audimat 3000, a versatile font with a "subtle blend of rigidity and eccentricity."

Letters showing the gradient treatment from yellow to blue
Vector shapes of bursts and dots to provide background texture
The LaunchDarkly color palette. It consists of a full scale of grays and a few bright colors for contrast.
A UI element has a blurred effect to obscure busier background elements
A hero image created by LaunchDarkly

Created by LaunchDarkly

Gradient numbers show the visual language coming together: typography, hierarchy, and color
An ideal type stack for LaunchDarkly featuring Audimat 3000 as the display typeface


Our interactive work began with a content audit and low-fidelity wireframes — affectionately called "LoFis." LoFis allow us to work through page goals, content, storytelling, and the customer's journey before UI design begins. For LaunchDarkly, we rearchitected some site content to reflect updates to the product and proposed new mental models for understanding its features and offerings. High-fidelity wireframes, or HiFis, then begin to solve the problem of how to communicate that information visually. Through UI design, we brought the brand to life and worked to position LaunchDarkly as setting the bar for the future of modern development, including employing stylized visuals and expert visual hierarchy.

A low fidelity wireframe created in Figma

Low fidelity wireframe

A high fidelity wireframe created in Figma

High fidelity wireframes

Throughout the identity and interactive experience, the idea of dynamic movement conveys speed to mimic the environment and experience of feature management.

The LaunchDarkly Features Page
Six colorful UI modules
A look at the LaunchDarkly homepage and accompanying mobile versions
The LaunchDarkly Solutions page

Created by LaunchDarkly

Post-Project Success

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