StoryBots is both a digital learning platform and Emmy Award-winning Netflix series for children centered around curious creatures who live in the world beneath our screens.

Armed with a clever concept and product, the StoryBots team initially approached us to elevate their design system prior to being acquired by Netflix. Post acquisition, the StoryBots brand was ready to extend into new avenues, but needed a consistent and clearly defined design system to maintain brand standards across licensed products. So they approached us with a new project: create a Consumer Products Creative Guide to bring consistency to the StoryBots brand as they grew their reach across digital media, print, and the wide world of merchandise.

After being acquired by Netflix, the StoryBots brand was ready to extend into new avenues, but needed a clearly defined design system to maintain brand standards across licensed products.

Our Approach

The team found several opportunities to elevate and refine the StoryBots brand. We decided to start with tackling the inconsistencies found in the logotype: the sharp angles, lopsided strokes, and varying thicknesses contributed to a logo that could use some finesse. In addition, with such a wide color palette, their team needed written rules to ensure a harmonious color palette with legible design elements.

Storybots tada
Story Bots 50 process2

Logo Refresh

Our task was to clean up the inconsistencies created by odd vector points, update the gear within the "O" to have fewer "teeth" to increase legibility at smaller sizes, and fix some of the counterspaces that were out of place.

Story Bots Fixens
Story Bots Overlay
Story Bots 50 New
Story Bots 50 Previous

We can’t imagine better hands for our redesign than Team Focus!

Greg Spiridellis, Founder + CEO, StoryBots

Consumer Products Creative Guide

When a third party licenses the StoryBots brand for products, their designers need to understand the do's and don'ts of the brand. For example, Bo being smaller than Bing would misrepresent these beloved characters. We worked closely with the StoryBots team to create a guide for consumer products as well as new graphic elements.

Storybots tubes
Storybots hooray2
Storybots bed
Storybots pajamas2
Storybots pattern
Storybots guidegrid copy

Product UI

In addition to the brand refresh, we were tasked with designing both the Classroom and Parent UI for desktop, tablet, and mobile. The Classroom experience was designed to give educators the ability to do everything they can in the classroom, but also on the go. This includes everything from editing their profile and classroom details, to creating groups, editing the Class Backpack, and entering Student Mode. On the flip side, the Parent’s portal gives parents the ability to quickly navigate content that will best engage their little ones’ brains.

Storybots homepage

I now understand why Focus Lab came so highly recommended. I've never had such super-serving from a vendor in my entire life.

Storybots ui mobile

Post-Project Success

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