SpotHero is an on-demand parking service based in Chicago. Although they have an extremely loyal fanbase in their hometown, their brand reaches well across the United States to commuters, jet-setters, and city-dwellers alike.

It was Focus Lab’s challenge to breathe new life into an existing, well-loved brand, without stripping too much of the brand equity that SpotHero’s users have grown to love.

Our Approach

We refreshed SpotHero’s brand experience to honor the existing brand equity while bringing company values and value storytelling to the forefront. The clean, updated system feels calm (to communicate product ease-of-use), relatable, reliable, and friendly (to communicate the enjoyment of the experience). The new system employs imagery that exudes confidence, effectiveness, and the emotional reward of the app’s convenience.

Spot Hero Artboard
Spot Hero Blue
Spot Hero Chase
Style guide wide 2x
Spot Hero Bus 2x
Spot Hero Parking Garage 2x
Spot Hero Shirt Mockup 2x

Visual Identity

For the refresh, we explored the entire spectrum—from minute changes, all the way to a complete rebrand. To touch on the brand attributes, we experimented with typography, iconography, and underwent an extensive mark exploration. This eventually led us to a gallant and bold approach that shined a light onto the consumer as the hero.

Because of SpotHero’s established brand recognition, our goal was to pare down the literal storytelling of primary imagery in the existing brand, the car and geotag. This allows the brand story to unfold in the app itself.

Spot Hero Billboard

Thanks so much for all of your hard work on the SpotHero rebrand project. You were a fabulous partner and we couldn't have rocked it without you guys. Thanks for all you taught us along the way and helping us navigate the crazy waters of a logo change.

Becca Rabinowitz, Marketing Strategist, SpotHero
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Post-Project Success

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