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Brand and UI Designer

Bud Thomas

More than a decade ago, Bud stumbled into the world of graphic design by way of a pirated version of Adobe Photoshop CS2 and a DIY pop-punk dream.

Nowadays, he's a properly licensed user (and has only slightly better taste in music).

Before joining the Focus Lab family, he worked for Lewis, a full-service advertising agency in Nashville and freelanced for a few other design studios around town. He's in large part self-taught but credits most of what he knows to a select few pals who gave him his first professional design opportunity as an intern at an interactive studio called Caddis.

Bud's a hungry individual (both figuratively and nearly always literally speaking) and his love for learning seems to be without end, whether it’s new styles, techniques, or interesting software workflows. He's a strategic thinker and can't get enough of that refreshing moment when a client understands and is delighted by a concept and execution.

Bud is a Missouri native but spent his formative years in Memphis, Tennessee and still considers it home. He now lives and works outside of Nashville. When Bud's not in the home office, he's probably hanging out with his wife, Christine, and their Labrador mix, Freckles. He also enjoys rooting for the Memphis Grizzlies, playing pick-up basketball, CrossFit, shooting film photography, finding new tunes, playing bass guitar, or reading about something new.