Brand Identity Designer

Chase Turberville

Chase joined Focus Lab as a brand designer in July 2015.

Growing up in south Alabama, Chase Turberville was lucky enough to attend schools that had an unwavering appreciation for the arts. He took all the classes; filmmaking, sculpture, mixed media, and web design. It was only a matter of time before a SCAD recruiter showed up and dragged Chase up to Savannah, GA to make a proper art student out of him, with a degree and stuff.

Since graduating, Chase has been fortunate enough to have worked as an in-house design team member for a camouflage company, a letterpress intern at Hatch Show Print, designer at Cooking Light Magazine, an agency art director, and all the while moonlighting as a freelance designer and letterer for some really fun clients.

When he’s not designing his fingers to the bone, Chase enjoys sour beers, tacos, and spending time with his wife, Mary Britton and his sons, Gray and Ames.

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