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Brand Support Project Manager

Yohann Kurzweil

A friend, husband, sibling, and son, Yohann parlayed his experience in health to find new success in branding, but with the same mission: helping others achieve all they can be.

Born in Coral Gables, Florida, Yohann grew up playing baseball and learning piano and guitar. He dreamt that one day, he’d practice medicine and achieve his ultimate goal of becoming a physician. But, after two semesters at Nova Southeastern University, he found himself overwhelmed, dispirited, and defeated. He dropped out of NSU, but instead of wallowing in defeat, set off on a new adventure — one that would help him realize how much more to life there was than what he’d imagined.

During this time, Yohann found renewed purpose, meaning, and passion for his life. He traveled. Surfed. Ate great food and admired good design. He practiced nonprofit work, made new friends, and found that his world had, to his surprise, become better than ever.

Revitalized, he returned to Florida and got back to work. He earned bachelor’s degrees in biology as well as neuroscience and behavior at Florida Atlantic University, then a master’s in disaster and emergency management at NSU. He also worked as an administrator and communications director for his local church. After graduating, Yohann went on to work for the Centers for Disease Control and other disaster-response organizations. He then transitioned to branding, where he found his love for design reignited.

In addition to work, Yohann has always found great fulfillment volunteering for churches and nonprofits, both in the U.S. and abroad. Recently, he and his wife Dhwani traveled to Chivi, Zimbabwe, as International Partners for an ongoing medical mission in the region. It’s a commitment they plan to continue for the years to come, as they love sharing their time, skills, and talents to serve those around them.

Dania Beach, Florida, is where Yohann calls home, along with his wife and their three dogs, Bailey, Cheerio, and Olive. He loves experiencing good food and wine, reading sci-fi and fantasy, playing RPG video games, and exploring different cultures all around the world.

Yohann with a giraffe