Brand Support: Come for the Launch, Stay for the Learning

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o, your rebrand’s almost done (cheers!) and you’re about to be handed a fresh new identity, expressed in a robust set of guidelines and just waiting for application IRL. You’ve got all the excitement — and pressure — of bringing it to life. Now what?

It’s a question many companies ask, as they mull the list of tasks ahead. But fear not — there’s help, and it’s called Brand Support.

Simply put: Brand Support exists to help clients apply their brand through launch and beyond. It’s the team that comes in after production to get you clarified and focused on execution, so you know how to interpret, enact, and unveil your new brand, both internally and externally.

If any one of the following is true, Brand Support is for you:

• You’re a startup and need to move quickly, with special attention to web design.

• You’re an established company with multiple teams and need a lot of branded materials.

• You’re lacking the infrastructure to build out your new brand and deliver internal and external assets.

• You need help troubleshooting and working through items (maybe you’re not even sure which ones are the priority and in what order to complete them).

• You value the consistency, expertise, and quality brought to the branding process and want that same level of care for your launch.

• Bringing your brand to life seems like a gargantuan task, you’re completely overwhelmed, and you’re slo-mo raising the white flag already.

Sound like where you’re at? Thought so.

Put down the white flag.

Brand Support addresses all those hurdles and then some. And it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal, either. It’s an offering designed to flex, depending on the unique needs of each client, and led by a team whose expertise is in launching brands — be they startups or big timers and everything in between. We’ll help you clarify the milestones to meet (and when) in the ramp up to launch. Work through your items, tasks, and goals. Develop branded materials and assets. Navigate your site design. That’s the short list, but here’s the big takeaway: We give you the boost you need to apply your brand efficiently, effectively, and with consistency — – the first time. After all, we helped you build it, so having us help bring it to life ensures you’ll spend less time and stress introducing it to the world.

That’s all marvelous, but what don’t we do?

1. A rush job. We move with intention through tasks and toward goals. We prioritize quality and clarity, so the question isn’t, “How fast can we get all these things done?” but “What’s the most important thing to get done first?” We know that once you answer that question and take action, everything else falls into place.

2. A freelance job. As a service we offer only for those who have gone through a Focus Lab or Odi branding project, we utilize the brand you’ve helped build and expand on it. We fully engage with what’s come out of the branding exercise and show you what’s possible with that foundation. Ours is a richly comprehensive approach, not a piecemeal one.

What to expect when you’re expecting (a launch).

Your production project followed a process with a predictable cadence and expectations. What about Brand Support?

At the outset, we work with you to identify the milestones in your launch and to assign them priority. Doing this gives you a good sense straightaway as to how you might best use your time with us. In fact, think of the Brand Support process as being driven by those milestones — they show you how and when you can get the most value out of our time together.

And about that time: We’ll give you estimates and hours buckets and the sense of a schedule, but Brand Support is built to be agile. If we need to pivot, we pivot. If we need to pause and reflect, we pause and reflect. Just found out you have a huge conference next month? We’ll shift to getting those trade show booths designed for you. Need some handouts and merch as well? Done.

During production, many things about your brand and its application are theoretical; post production, they are not. We come alongside you as partners who are prepared to be responsive to shifting circumstances and needs. It’s a high-touch, highly communicative relationship. You’ll see a lot of us. And if you don’t want to see a lot of us, that’s cool too.

Our ultimate goal? To leave you feeling empowered, decisive, and nimble in applying your brand, long after we’re gone.

Just who are these Brand Support magicians?

Specialists in helping others roll out their rebrands. Master manifestors. People who are uniquely empathetic to the challenges you’re facing — and the aims you have in the face of them.

You’ll notice your Brand Support team is different from your production team (though Brand Designers and Brand Support Designers often collaborate). That’s wholly on purpose. Your Brand Support Designers are experienced at juggling lots of tasks at once for a client while still producing high quality work, all within various time constraints. They are experts at understanding and applying designs they didn’t necessarily create. And they are gifted at giving something that’s conceptual a practical life — no small feat.

So yeah, they make your brand identity identifiable in the world. NBD.

You’re cleared for takeoff.

Real talk: Clients come to Brand Support wanting to nail their launch — and they do — but they get so much more in the process.

The lasting benefit of Brand Support is that people get to practice working with their new brand and seeing what it can do with a net below them. While the production project may leave clients with a sense of ownership, ownership and comfort are not the same thing. With Brand Support by their side, clients weather the initial discomfort and get their brand legs. They learn to make decisions on behalf of their brand and in alignment with it. Their brand shows up in the world and keeps showing up over and over, and that’s because they learned how to make it visible. They’ve found their voice. They’ve got their wings.

Photos by William Hook and engin akyurt on Unsplash

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