In Conversation

Designing Brand Identity with Rob Meyerson and Robin Goffman

by Bill Kenney

Focus Lab's CEO Bill Kenney chats with Rob Meyerson (co-author) and Robin Goffman (Creative Director) about their work on the sixth edition of Designing Brand Identity, a branding classic created and authored by the late Alina Wheeler.

You don't want to miss their discussion on the challenges and excitement of developing a highly collaborative book, their predictions for the future of design, their reflections on working alongside Alina, and her impact on the creative community.

0:00 - Introduction

07:01 - What's new (and what's the same) in the sixth edition

11:17 - Is there anything you would have done differently in this edition?

14:38 - The constraints of print in a digital world

17:20 - The challenges of developing a highly collaborative book

22:55 - What new brand trends are you seeing? And what trends are dying?

28:10 - Predictions for the brand space in the next 10 years

32:50 - Reflecting on working alongside the late, legendary Alina Wheeler

41:10 - How can we carry on Alina's legacy?

44:40 - Where to buy Designing Brand Identity + where to find Rob and Robin

Links mentioned in this episode:

Buy Designing Brand Identity on Amazon:

Rob Meyerson's podcast "How Brands are Built" episode with Alina Wheeler:

AIGA Alina Wheeler Memorial Scholarship:

University of the Arts Scholarships:

Rob Meyerson's Website:

Robin Goffman's Website:

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