BlueWave Solar

The BlueWave team approached Focus Lab with a problem: their online experience no longer represented who they were as an organization.

As a pioneering solar developer and leading community solar service provider, BlueWave has built more than 135 MW of solar projects to date and provides community solar access to thousands of customers.

However, their website didn’t accurately showcase their product offerings, nor did it serve their clientele in an optimal way. The challenge centered around being able to simply and succinctly communicate BlueWave's offering in an engaging brand and website, with an authentic, transparent voice and pioneering spirit.

We helped BlueWave showcase their revolutionary solar offerings with a strategic brand refresh and a comprehensive online experience.

Our Approach

BlueWave is on a mission to bring solar to every community. As a certified B Corp, they are guided by their responsibility to their customers, community, and the planet.

Inspired by their purpose, we saw an opportunity to better align their visual identity and their mission, which would carry over to their online experience. We pitched our vision, always using their company values as our guiding light. BlueWave understood our goals in refreshing their visual identity in a more purposeful and steady direction while maintaining existing brand equity.

Blue Wave pitch1
Blue Wave pitch2


The curvature in the A represents a horizon, and our planet. A single color presents a more unified vision, while the revised logotype is more confident, bold, and ready to support BlueWave's growth.

To differentiate BlueWave, we shifted the color palette from the more standard solar story of sunshine to highlight what it provides: power. Dark blues with white accents and darker images with warm light shift the focus from the source to the solution.

Blue Wave logorefresh
Blue Wave 1300culture1
Blue Wave 1300culture2
Bws brand presentation
Blue Wave brand3

Content Strategy

With a visual identity poised to support BlueWave's growth, it was time to start the interactive process. At Focus Lab, that means a lot of homework. Our team worked to develop a holistic view of BlueWave's company and customer journey. We worked through information architecture, content strategy, and user experience. A strong foundation in these areas is crucial to a successful final product, weeks before any visual design begins.

For BlueWave, we had several goals for content: communicate the BlueWave story and mission, help customers navigate access to solar energy, and position BlueWave as a leader in consumer solar.

Blue Wave polished3

Through every step of our process, we worked to unify BlueWave’s vision and build a robust tool that will unlock new opportunities as they grow and expand to revolutionize the solar energy market.

Blue Wave wireframes


BlueWave offers community solar management and project development services for a variety of customer types including landowners, solar asset managers, and community solar customers such as renters and small businesses.

We needed to design a clear visual hierarchy to provide a seamless customer journey that conveyed the company's professionalism, while maintaining visual consistency from every entry point. Our content strategy work provided a well-established content hierarchy, which the design expanded on visually.

Blue Wave interactive4
Blue Wave site4

From the visual identity, content strategy, and interactive design, we unified BlueWave's vision and built a robust tool that will unlock new opportunities as they grow and expand to revolutionize the solar energy market.

We looked to Focus Lab because we thought they could execute better on a vision than we could ourselves. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Laura Adelman, Senior Director of Marketing Operations, BlueWave Solar
Blue Wave flagbutton

Post-Project Success

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