Luminate is the entertainment and music industry's most trusted source of independent, objective, and foundational data. Exemplifying transparency, clarity, and fair access to information, Luminate’s analysis, insights, and relationships generate the most comprehensive, representative, and relevant findings that empower informed decision-making and guide entertainment’s thriving future.

Formerly P-MRC Data, Luminate approached Focus Lab as it was undergoing a reorganization and rapid growth. The previous brand portfolio lacked meaning and was scattered across legacy and adjacent brands, and the future identity needed to be direct, memorable, and future-facing. Through the powers of cohesion and focus, the new brand would eliminate any past confusion, clarify Luminate’s differentiators, and inspire both internal and external audiences.

With over 30 years of brand legacy, the company was ready to boldly rebrand as Luminate: the only brand poised to navigate what’s ahead.

Brand Strategy

Luminate’s tangible differentiators of transparent, comprehensive data — with a singular focus on entertainment and music — were superior, and the company’s vision of creating a savvy, creative, and thriving entertainment industry stood out beyond industry competitors. So, we showcased this distinction through its brand identity. As the tenured voice of its industry, Luminate could empower its customers to make data-informed decisions that create an immediate and stabilizing competitive advantage while priming them for aspirational thinking and future success.

Luminate identified their brand attributes as Dynamic, Certain, and Clever. These essential elements allowed our work to project Luminate as the independent authority of its industry. We used these attributes to build a brand foundation of trust that would allow Luminate to appeal directly to audiences and define meaningful differentiation.

Luminate attributes3

We also worked with Luminate to evaluate their brand architecture. Brand architecture defines the different levels within a brand and provides a hierarchy that explains the relationships between the different products, services, and components that make up a company’s portfolio of offerings.

Luminate, its brands, and its various products retained their legacy identities and therefore shared no obvious brand elements across the portfolio. After thorough research, we recommended architecting the future brand portfolio deliberately, with new audiences and brand trajectory in mind. Luminate’s brands all are connected to and extend from a core belief in delivering comprehensive and high-quality data solely for organizations within the entertainment and music ecosystem. Though distinct in their markets, the brands and their products can be thought of as pieces of the larger sum of Luminate: a purpose to empower these organizations with valuable data and a commitment to do so through independence and objectivity.

Luminate brandarchitecture v2

Verbal Identity

Luminate's core messages — purpose, mission, vision, unique selling proposition, and value proposition — are foundational to all aspects of the brand identity. Together, these statements verbally represent Luminate from an ideological perspective. As the name implies, core messages are those that are central to the identity of a brand and a company, and which exist regardless of audience or market. A core values workshop helped Luminate develop three unique statements designed to align employees and communicate the brand’s promise of accurate and accessible data to prospective hires.

We wanted to present Luminate as the confident, credible authority of data in entertainment and music. We needed to communicate its past in the present, for the future, by turning a timeline of mergers into a tangible story of unique expertise — all of the accrued knowledge and experience over three decades, channeled and refocused to help shape the future of music and entertainment. Luminate is the industry’s enduring data partner who’s building for the future and the only independent solution who believes in the democratization of data. Luminate knows the industry better than the industry knows itself and answers the questions no one thinks to ask.

Luminate dataposter2
Luminate vt

Core messages lay the foundation which we build upon through voice and tone work. Luminate's position in the entertainment and music industry allowed us to write with a bit of edge every now and then, completely distinguishing Luminate in the data space. It enabled Luminate to be, at once, unapologetic and approachable, cool and community-minded. Clever but not too cocky; quick but not condescending; enthusiastically insightful and affably amused; not too serious, and never too stiff.

We continued to work with Luminate on their verbal identity by developing their Audience Messaging Framework, Brand Story, and Brand Messaging Framework.

Luminate 2600 brandstory2


The Luminate logo uses the first letter of the brand name as a visual mechanism for its core offering: the opportunity to find objective, meaningful data that leads to better decisions for people in the entertainment industry.

Its presentation is unconventional and unmistakable. Built from a typeface called FK Screamer, the logo carries a level of authority and confidence that many simply can't. The thickness of the letters, upward trajectory, and uppercase formatting invokes a masthead from a subculture magazine — one everyone is going to want to read.

This L frame opens up a number of possibilities for framing content, imagery, and even visual language.

Luminate logo explo
Luminate 1300 0003 slate2
Luminate matches
Luminate 2600 0000 hoodie

Visual Language

Energetic, edgy, and bold, this palette is full of retina rockers ready for any opportunity to shine. Setting typography and the logo in these colors ensures ultra-high contrast. The opportunity of this type of extended palette also allows Luminate to amplify or reduce the perceived energy when and where it's needed in the brand identity.

Luminate color1300
Luminate 1300 type
Luminate 2600 0003 posters
Luminate 1300 orbviz
Luminate 2600 tubes

We set out in search of “what data looks like.” A true large-scale data visualization is powerful: tons of information made easily digestible, visually. Boiled down to its essence, data visualization is a series of dots and lines. So naturally, we explored this within the brand palette.

By playing with scale and detailed crops, these abstractions become a sort of patternwork. Higher contrast versions can draw the eye or create visual intrigue. At the same time, lower contrast, more monochromatic versions can be created for more of a textural element.

Luminate pattern
Luminate patterns 0002 Luminate Patterns 4
Luminate 2600 0004 wristband
Luminate 1300 tote
Luminate 1300 0000 vip
Luminate 2600 0002 posted
Luminate 2600 0005 computer

Brand Support

Our Brand Support Team provided design and writing services to help establish Luminate’s new brand architecture across their legacy products and identities. We broadened the application of their brand guidelines by providing an expanded icon set and updating their sales and marketing materials. When rebranding, it is also important to consider how you communicate your new brand to new and existing employees. Our team drafted a brand quick-start guide and onboarding materials to support the team’s internal rollout.

Luminate brandquickguide
Luminate displayads1300

The line between artist and art is ethereal. You are a team of exceptionally skilled artists, but your superpower is the way you open your process to allow others in. You invited us to contribute as you created. Like a troop of improvisational art school MBA's, you fed off suggestions while guiding the efforts. You also made it so much more fun than it had any right to be.

David Simon, SVP Marketing, Luminate
Luminate 2600 0001 bizcards

Post-Project Success

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