Reify Health

Reify Health is a company founded by members of the progressive healthcare community, tackling the complex health tech landscape through sincerity, humanity, and a results-driven approach.

Reify's flagship product, StudyTeam, is a secure software solution solving for the inefficiencies and bottlenecks within clinical trials by connecting research sites and biopharmaceutical companies on a single platform, the first of its kind and to much success.

Reify Health approached Focus Lab to reaffirm itself as the creator of this innovative product offering and build greater awareness around its larger ambitions and future industry solutions beyond StudyTeam.

Reify Health needed an identity establishing themselves as leaders in the health tech space, while staying true to their purpose-driven values.

Our Approach

Reify asks, “What does the world look like when we invest in improving healthcare from the inside out?” They're dedicated to helping not only patients, but also the medical professionals navigating the frustrating inefficiencies of drug development and clinical trials. Reify is cutting-edge, but still very human.

We knew we needed to create a brand for Reify Health that embodied their brand attributes of emotional, modern, and sincere.

Reify computer WIP

Brand Strategy and Architecture

Brand architecture defines the different levels within a brand and provides a hierarchy that explains the relationships between the different products, services, and components that make up a company’s portfolio of offerings. For Reify Health, examining the relationship between StudyTeam (their flagship product) and the parent company was crucial to define before moving onto Visual Strategy.

Previously, Reify Health and StudyTeam adhered to similar colors, but had no strong visual connection to their identities or within the design system.

Reify before2

Original Marks

We needed to establish Reify Health as the parent company of StudyTeam from a visual and content perspective. By better defining this hierarchy, we unify Reify Health’s offerings under an overarching mission and vision, and create a supported brand system for continued growth and expansion.

Reify brandarch simple
Hlaye 1300


We explored a number of options around themes of transformation and progress, but ultimately landed on a monogram. The final mark pulled from elements of the original mark to feel familiar, but elevated. The strong geometric nature feels timeless, but modern.

A shortened version of the word ‘zoetic’, meaning awake, vital, and knowing, Zoe represents Reify’s commitment to improved healthcare systems and better patient outcomes. Because they know that by transforming the health tech landscape, they can transform the world around us.

Zoe is bold and simple in its presentation, but packs a multitude of meaning, representing both a horizon and monogram "R."

Reify earlymark
Reify zoe bts
Reify zoe


The Reify Health logotype is built from an altered version of the typeface Robinson, paired with an all caps Mallory descriptor for "HEALTH." Robinson feels calligraphic, suggesting that human touch so important to Reify's mission. The angles from the mark are carried through the logotype and are reminiscent of the original Reify mark. As a small — but important — detail, the negative space of the Zoe mark can be found in the tittle above the "i."

The logotype also updates Reify Health from lowercase to title case. All lowercase feels approachable, but title case establishes authority and trust as a progressive company dedicated to changing the future of health.

Reify logotype1300 1
Reify logotype1300 2
Reify logo

Visual Language

It was important to build out a brand system that supports Reify Health's brand attributes of emotional, modern, and sincere. The "horizon" of the mark is carried throughout the brand system to highlight Reify Health's vision for better patient care.

The color palette is soft, but with a powerful coral to make a statement. Coral is an important visual differentiator for Reify Health in a health tech space filled with blues.

Reify horizon2
Reify palette


Flecha is Reify Health's lead display type. Flecha is inspired by broad nib lettering so it has a human-like quality, but also showcases modern serif treatments.

Mallory is Flecha's trusty sidekick. It contains angled terminals that reflect angles in the mark.

Reify tagline2
Reify typespecimen

Brand Extension

To continue the brand hierarchy visually and further strengthen the brand system, the StudyTeam mark is built from Reify's Zoe. The mark continues the concept of horizon, but also includes storytelling around its function as a mirror network for connecting research sites and biopharma sponsors.

This system for mark creation also allows for future sub-brands, while maintaining cohesiveness across Reify Health's parent brand.

Reify markconstruction2
Reify S Texplo1300 v2
Reify brandextensions 1


As part of Reify Health’s brand launch, we extended their brand identity to core pages of their web experience. We strived to let the type-driven system shine with typefaces Flecha and Mallory. And the logo mark creates delightful design moments, continuing the “horizon” concept throughout the site.

Reify interactive2

Brand Design Support

We were able to further assist Reify Health with executing their new brand through our Brand Design Support service. We worked with their team to design everything from PowerPoint templates to business cards to product sell sheets.

Reify Shirt Mock02
Reify casestudy3

Establishing a brand that is equal parts human and enterprise-class in a saturated industry is no simple feat. We knew that going into this project. But Focus put forth a team and process that immediately laid our anxieties to rest. Their capacity to translate the complexities of our mission, identity, and value prop into a beautiful, clean, and meaningful identity was simply outstanding. I could not be happier with the result.

Reify tote

Post-Project Success

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