Brand and UI Designer

Jason Tiberio

Jason believes that the most effective work happens at the intersection of insight and intuition.

Jason grew up in a bowling alley — one his family owned and operated for 68 years in Youngstown, Ohio. Sketching and drawing was a big part of Jason's childhood and his parents knew that his career would revolve around paper and pencil. He re-created illustrations out of children's books, interpreted the scale and perspective of neighborhood houses, and drew large-scale charcoal portraits. Bowling alley regulars even asked him to sketch tattoo ideas.

A childhood of creative tinkering led Jason to the Visual Communication Design program at Kent State University where he was introduced to all things print, illustration, and identity design. After graduating with his Bachelors in Fine Arts, he moved to Columbus, Ohio to pursue his Master in Fine Arts at Ohio State University, rounding out his design aesthetic with design thinking and research.

Columbus is still home for Jason and his fiancée, Lauren. He has years of experience working at various design and brand agencies, picking up skills in research, strategy, brand, illustration, user experience, and product design. Jason is a highly adaptable designer – a jack-of-all-trades; however, his love of branding is the undercurrent that connects his work. He approaches projects with process-driven curiosity, leaving no stone unturned to capture the right stories to tell and the right problems to solve. Any given week, you can find him rock climbing, biking, writing music, making pasta, or hosting dinner parties with friends and family.

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