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Brand Support Director

Stephanie Taylor-Coleman

Stephanie’s love for design started when she was 13, during the age of MySpace and message boards.

Experimentation and learning any and everything about Adobe Creative Suite was (and still is) paramount.

While she attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and received a substantial education and experience in Communication Design as well as Art Education (with a specialty in Elementary Education), she largely credits her continual passion for knowledge as what has assisted her in being the critical, detail-oriented, and nimble designer she is today.

Since those early days, Stephanie has continued her journey for growth and knowledge by working in various industries, notably in advertising at Campbell Ewald (she completed designs for client pitches!); in Non-profit and the Arts at the Detroit Institute of Arts, where she primarily designed for large exhibitions, including one in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution and LucasFilm (any guesses?); and most recently in higher education at the University of Phoenix.

Stephanie is a Detroit native, but currently lives just outside of Phoenix with her husband, Levi, and their two cats, W’MBaku and Cider. She fancies herself a hobbyist and often splits her time, when not constantly binging on all forms of design, between working on personal projects, candid photography, consuming an abundance of media in various forms (if you need a trivia partner, she’s your girl), studying true crime cases, and playing The Sims.

Fun fact: People are often impressed by the length (and style) of her nails.

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