Our Secret SAUCE

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Our Secret SAUCE

lthough this has always been in our DNA, late last year, I was hungry for a simple way to qualify it. A single, actionable, measurable term that we could weave into our weekly dialogue. S.A.U.C.E. was born: Seek to Achieve an Unforgettable Customer Experience.

SAUCE can be as simple as being appreciative of a client's time. It can be going a step further, such as sending a book you know they will love or a branded gift when a project wraps. More importantly though, SAUCE means leaning into tough conversations to guide a project's success and doing the harder parts of the job with grace. Our core value, Empathy in Action, reminds us to search for understanding and deliver value beyond the surface. We endeavor to provide more than excellent work. There are plenty of talented people out there, but it has to be about more than craft, at least to us.

Considering the current state of the world, SAUCE is necessary, now more than ever. As always, we are working extra hard at Focus Lab to make sure our clients are gaining a sense of comfort and excitement during their entire journey with us, as we help to reshape their brand—SAUCE included.

More than all the actual work that was done for our agency, the process of collaborating with the people at Focus Lab is what I valued the most. They’re at the top of their fields but they’re also down to earth, a refreshing pairing. Working with them, it really felt like they were part of our business.

Charley Todd, CEO of TTI Insurance & Via Citrus

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