Welcome to Your Rebrand

We're so excited to work with you! In preparation for your project kickoff meeting, we have a couple of short videos for you to watch ahead of our meeting. These videos let us remove a little bit of the "this is how we work" items and let the kickoff meeting be more about getting to know each other and the project.


Branding 101

Over the years, we've encountered some of the same questions and hiccups on branding projects that have led us to create the following video presentation. We call it “Branding 101” and some of it is pretty basic: discussing what is a brand, brand terminology, etc. But some content dives deeper into a) the difference between branding and marketing, b) the limitations of a logo or a mark, c) questioning the need for a mark, etc. It may be familiar to you, but certainly something worth sharing.

Presented by Design Director Natalie Kent

Project Kickoff

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of clients on their brands, and developed a proven process for project success. And project success translates to greater brand traction and, ultimately, our clients’ success. This video goes over some general housekeeping, an overview of our process, our weekly cadence, feedback and team expectations, and the importance of establishing a single voice.

Presented by Project Management Director Charisse Bennett

Our Core Values

Focus Lab is a brand agency that values creativity, transparency, and collaboration. We strive to create a culture of excellence, where we work together to create meaningful and impactful outcomes. We are committed to delivering high-quality work that exceeds our clients' expectations, and we believe in cultivating relationships built on trust and respect.

When navigating communication with each other, we look to our six core values: We Own the Work with an All Over Ego approach, and we Lead with Courage — always Assuming the Best, Striving for Excellence, and displaying Empathy in Action. We encourage you to read more about our Core Values here.

We realize that every company has its own unique set of core values, and we appreciate our clients' ability to lean into ours here at Focus Lab — to trust and respect our process and expertise. We look forward to leaning into your values, too.

So much love for the Focus Lab team. You guided us, advised us, challenged us, supported us. We could not have done this without you.

Britta Schellenberg, VP of Marketing, Robin

Additional Resources

We encourage you to read the following blog posts for further insight into our process and tips for project success.

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How to Build your Branding Project Team to Get Things Done
“Great project teams lead to enjoyable projects, yes, but also to greater project success.”

The Basics of Verbal Identity
“It's the thoughtful process of coming up with what your brand will message, to whom, and how. It's a vital part of brand identity creation, an outcome of your brand’s verbal identity, where words aren’t mere afterthoughts but the very life-blood that powers your brand.”

A Position on Positioning
“Renowned brand strategist and author Marty Neumeier asserts that positioning is ‘the discipline of creating a compelling difference’ and ‘the art of finding a strategic slot in your customer’s mind.’”

Finally, our Focus on Brand podcast and YouTube channel provide easy-to-consume content (including our popular 10 Minutes on Brand and project Debrief series).

Again, welcome to Focus Lab! We can't thank you enough for trusting us with your brand. If you have questions or anything is unclear, please feel free to reach out to your project manager at any time.