Pinpoint empowers organizations to grow their teams by finding, assessing, and hiring the right people for them.

Organizations need to find the right people to solve their challenges. People need to find the right organizations to support their career growth. Pinpoint matches the right people with the right organizations.

After a thorough brand analysis, our goal was to create a welcoming, yet forward-thinking identity that sets Pinpoint apart and wins on design in a highly competitive space.

Pinpoint needed a flexible, comprehensive brand system to differentiate them in a competitive recruiting landscape.

Our Approach

To differentiate Pinpoint in the competitive recruiting landscape, it was clear we needed to design a flexible, comprehensive brand system that embraced a welcoming, yet progressive, brand experience. By leaning headfirst into a distinct serif logotype, warm color palette, and beautiful typography, we were able to help them stand out from a more conservative design landscape.

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Brand Strategy

After research into Pinpoint's existing brand, competitors, and audience, we worked with the Pinpoint team to identify the three words integral to the new Pinpoint brand experience: Progressive, Crafted, Approachable. These three words acted as our "North Star" throughout the process.

Progressive: There are no preconceived notions on how things should be done. Instead of looking at how other organizations solve problems, Pinpoint focuses on how we want to solve problems, using our values as our guide.

Crafted: Pinpoint is no longer a startup and shouldn’t be doing things in an MVP way. Our aspirations are to win on design, the experience, and overall quality.

Approachable: Pinpoint’s sales success comes not from web conversion but from face-to-face engagement. This creates referrals, which are a big source of customers. We win on the customer experience.

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Visual Identity

Finding the right person to join your team is like finding the right piece to complete a puzzle. Matching up potential teammates to searching organizations is the core of what Pinpoint does. In this direction, we explored how simple shapes fit together to make a perfect match.

Pinpoint’s logo mark is composed of geometric shapes, which would later be the basis of a dynamic pattern system.

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Pinpoint fontexplo GRAY

Logotype: While Noe Display balances the classic attributes of serif type with more modern liberties, it still felt too traditional for a progressive brand such as Pinpoint.

To solve for this—and to make the logotype unique to them—we detached the bowls and shoulders of various letterforms, and adjusted the top of the "t" to reflect the triangles found in the logo mark.

With a competitive landscape full of teals and blues, we needed a dynamic and unexpected color palette to distinguish Pinpoint.

Pinpoint palette1300v2
Pinpoint colorapplication2

Brand System: To help Pinpoint’s visual identity succeed across any number of applications, we designed a pattern that utilized the geometric shapes from the logo mark. This pattern, along with the accompanying identity system, addresses use cases from printed collateral to social media posts to interactive elements. The goal of a strong brand system is to provide enough structure to maintain a cohesive look and feel, but enough flexibility to account for any application.

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Pinpoint interactive

I had very high expectations going into the project - needless to say these were met and then some. Focus Lab engaged our whole team in the brand and messaging process, got to grips with our business quickly and delivered a brand we’re really proud of.

Tom Hacquoil, Co-Founder and CEO, Pinpoint
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Post-Project Success

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