With a new name and realigned purpose, Rows was ready to use its momentum and energy to make an impact as the cutting-edge spreadsheet solution.

Formerly dashdash, Rows built a distinctive spreadsheet product with game-changing enhancements and integrations for businesses. Rows aspires to be altogether better than the industry-leading giants, and to do so with dependability and distinction.

Rows needed an identity as bold as its ambitions.

Brand Strategy

Rows offers a better, complete solution for skilled professionals frustrated by the current limitations of siloed, disconnected spreadsheet softwares that slow down productivity and limit their collaborative efforts to simply get work done.

Rows is disrupting an industry pretty much unchanged since 2006 with its groundbreaking low-code, no-code solutions to spreadsheets and innovative features. It’s the first of its kind in bridging common aspects of spreadsheet software with online integration and sharing all in one integrated platform. Users are empowered to solve problems, remove roadblocks, and act faster.

However, groundbreaking has to be coupled with reliability. Spreadsheets can be serious business, and users need to know they can always count on Rows.

We worked with the Rows team to identify their brand attributes as dependable, intuitive, and vibrant. The brand attributes are frequently reviewed during the entire branding process to make sure brand strategy is always at the forefront of decisions.

A designer works on a laptop
Early illustration sketches

Verbal Identity

Together with Rows, we developed their voice and tone, messaging framework, and communications style guide.

Utilizing Focus Lab’s messaging framework process, we began by reviewing existing messaging for consistency, clarity, and quality. We also created a messaging landscape to understand where Rows fell against competitors, and identified opportunities for differentiators from a verbal identity perspective. We analyzed how the existing verbiage aligned with the intended branding goals from brand strategy and proposed revised messaging statements as needed. Finally, we worked with the team to finalize verbiage that best conveyed their messaging goals.

To align with strategy, we defined the Rows voice as enthusiastic, candid, and expert. These descriptors convey the brand's audacious mission and gave them a memorable voice in a very competitive landscape.

Purpose: Rows exists to build technology that makes computation accessible to everyone.
Unique Selling Proposition: The first spreadsheet that thinks outside the cell.
A billboard in an urban area that reads "Rethink spreadsheets."


The Rows monogram was inspired by the simple format of rows and columns of spreadsheets.

As a company, Rows is still young. They’re still introducing themselves. The ideal logo lock up has their name explicit in the top left and their mark apparent in the bottom right.

The mark paired with a custom logotype brings forth the commitment of Rows to create magic in the mundane, developing answers into existence, and doing it all with a distinct sense of play and wonder.

The Rows mark: a lowercase "r" formed out of horizontal and vertical bar.
A custom logotype: Rows on yellow, showing necessary padding around the word.

The mark paired with a custom logotype brings forth the commitment of Rows to create magic in the mundane, developing answers into existence, and doing it all with a distinct sense of play and wonder.

Branded letterhead, envelope, and business cards on a red background

Visual Language

While the mark is an instantly recognizable symbol of the brand — the supporting visual language (and messaging) is crucial to fully convey dependable, intuitive, and vibrant. We chose a bold color palette and unique headline font that stands out from competitors. Custom iconography and illustrations help to capture the originality and magic of Rows in an industry that's too often lackluster.

The main color palette for Rows with floral names. Poppy (red), Marigold (yellow), Dahlia (dark purple), and Lily (light cream)
An uppercase and lowercase "A" set in the typeface Flexa.

The core brand palette of Marigold, Dahlia, Poppy, and Lily blends seamlessly into the product interface for a smooth user experience.

Flexa by Grilli Type is bold, legible, and declares authority while still retaining a sense of simplicity. The Regular weight feels refreshingly simple, readable, and unfussy and imbues their communication with a pleasant sense of dependability, intuition, and vibrancy.

With a voice that is fresh and a little techy, Output Sans is designed to excel in situations where information comes before style, when type must be understated without becoming generic. Output Sans bridges the gap between marketing typography and a workhorse font family used throughout the product that pairs well with Flexa.

Various icons created for Rows. A yellow highlight color indicates the icon is active.
The Rows mark in 3 potential avatar holding shapes.
An example of type hierarchy from the Rows website.
3 posters illustrating the brand system with color, typography, and mark.
We "heart" spreadsheets with a pixel heart created with the Rows mark


Rows feels like wizardry, and illustration elements capture that: Cells are gradient blocks, portals of information and community. Multiple hands establish a network of different individuals contributing to the holistic message. Moments of sparkle convey magic.

4 vector illustrations - sparkles, a rectangular cell coming out of a portal, a "peace sign" hand, and a gradient circle.
An illustrated hand gives a spreadsheet rectangular cell to another hand.
Two hands shrugging


Rows is a remarkable tool and needed a website that felt equally magical.

The user interface is a showcase of everything coming together to create a vibrant interactive experience. The bold colors are used sparingly but with intentional impact to guide the user. Flexa infuses the fresh personality of Rows across each page and punchy messaging conveys trusted competence. The custom iconography and illustrations elevate the Rows brand to the cutting-edge spreadsheet solution.

A screenshot of the Sales page of the Rows website
A hover state for the website, showcasing the difference between an inactive and active icon.
Multiple pages from the Focus Lab website displayed in a grid

I’ve gotten 30 to 50 personal emails from people saying how cool the new brand is and how awesome it is that we had the guts to rebrand.

Humberto Ayres Pereira, Founder & CEO, Rows

Welcome to Rows

Post-Project Success

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