More than a tool, Surfe is the modern company for the next wave of revenue teams.

Surfe is a connected workspace for revenue teams struggling to eliminate monotonous, low-value work in their daily routine. Reps can find, enrich, and qualify leads across their data sources in an instant. A more mature, premium identity became increasingly vital to elevate Surfe’s startup feel and galvanize its place among competitors.

The product was growing beyond its borders.

Surfe had to evolve from simply a tool to a brand garnering serious consideration by high-growth and first-generation tech companies, all while balancing a sense of premium and playfulness.

Brand Strategy

What began as a simple tool has evolved into a proper tech company. Surfe’s competitive advantage is its ability to be the most agile connected workspace for sales and revenue teams. Offering a seamless and integrated experience across the widest suite of preferred tools proved to be a huge strength for the brand. However, we found that the longevity of this position could be challenged.

We worked with the team at Surfe to identify its brand attributes as free, bold, and playful. In bailing on convention, the brand became known for its sense of ease, playful nature, and performance-based characteristics commonly associated with surf culture.

No other brand delivers this type of experience the way Surfe does. We recognized opportunities for Surfe to connect with their audience through the thrill, freedom, and limitless potential of their work — while also delivering moments of joy.

Surfe 2600 0006 leadjet2

Photo by Tyler Nix

Surfe workingai 03


The logo is inspired by the sense of flow and flexibility required to ride a wave as well as respond to its ever changing nature. The system is made of four core components: the primary logotype, the Puddle Jumper for small-scale legibility, the Floater, and the Barrel. These lockups are built with a “Swell” line, “Peak” line, and “Break” line, allowing them to endlessly stack and extend into the brand’s visual language.

Surfe wordmarks
Surfe workingai 01

The Puddle Jumper

Surfe working2 08
Surfe tote

The Floater

Surfe working

The Barrel

Visual Language

Surfe needed to retain credibility with high-growth and first-gen tech companies, but anything corporate just didn't fit the brand. So we explored various ways to convey Surfe’s playfulness and joy while not leaning kitsch. Colors are exuberant, and photography has an undertone of summer vibes. Imagery and graphic components are inspired by the tail shape of various surfboards.

Illustrations by Maria Mileńko embody the theme of “moving freely.” The style amplifies humanity and personality. Illustrations are used to strategically meet people where they are — a newsletter, hero section, callout, or social media post.

Lettera Text is Surfe's exclusive and primary brand font. It carries the playful, upbeat, motivating, and laid-back communication style and doesn't compete with all the other bold visual elements at play.

Surfe working2 06
Surfe 2600 0000 posters com
Surfe 1300 0003 phone
Surfe 1300 0002 social
Surfe 2600 0005 illo
Surfe 1300 0001 longsleeve
Surfe 0001 pattern
Surfe 0000 wristlet
Surfe 2600 0010 vibebillboard com
Surfe 1300 0000 cards com
Waterbottle 1300
Surfe 2600 0007 surfemetal

How Surfe Expanded on Our Work

When our work together concludes, your brand’s new identity is just getting started. Clear and comprehensive brand guidelines set your team up to apply the brand across every touchpoint, which is exactly what Surfe did beautifully. The samples here were created by the Surfe creative team and additional contractors they enlisted.

Surfe client2600 0001 Deck template
Surfe client1300 0005 E book
Surfe client1300 yellowillo
Surfe client2600 0000 Modal upgrade
Surfe client1300 0003 Profile side panel
Surfe client1300 0004 Features 1
Surfe client2600 illo

Post-Project Success

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