If you’ve ever had to document a process or workflow manually, you’ll quickly appreciate the value of Tango.

Via a simple-to-use browser extension, Tango’s workflow capture software automatically records and creates how-to guides in seconds — all while you click and work through any process as usual. Simply put, Tango helps teams document and share their work better and more efficiently.

Tango-produced tutorials eliminate the frustration of stitching together disparate information such as written documents and video recordings. The technology can be used for rapid onboarding, internal training, knowledge bases, ad hoc learning requests, and more.

Poised for its initial launch with big growth plans, the Tango team knew that branding was critical to achieving its goals. It was time to establish a visual and verbal identity that conveyed a serious brand with a delightful experience.

Tango billboardmock

Brand Strategy

Tango makes process documentation easy, but what does it symbolize? We helped the team anchor to a deeper point of view, beginning with Brand Strategy. Tango identified the Mentor as its archetype and its attributes as Effortless, Approachable, and Focused. Together, these inputs painted a picture of a brand dedicated to nurturing knowledge sharing by making it fun and simple to do so.

Our competitive landscape review revealed a sea of cool color palettes, sans-serif typefaces, and product-centric messaging. Tango had ample opportunity for distinction with a warm color palette, custom illustration, and emotionally resonant communication.

Brand image

Verbal Identity

As an early-stage company, Tango first needed to articulate a brand positioning beyond its product: to empower users to continuously improve themselves, their teams, and their greater organization. We then worked with the crew to capture the heart of the brand via new purpose, mission, and vision statements.

Just as important as what to say is how to say it. This comes through in voice and tone. Tango’s voice qualities were defined as Transparent, Encouraging, and Clever & Cool — characteristics that were as authentic to their team as they were to the technology.

Branded image
Attributes 1

Closing out the verbal identity portion was a brand story, which revolved around a central concept: “When you eliminate wasted time, energy, and mental space, you reclaim creativity, collaboration, and contribution.”

Brand story


From the very first design round, the team latched onto a custom, script-based logotype. Balancing fluidity with legibility, the logo was inspired by the idea of flow state — a place of focus where distractions are silenced and ingenuity can flourish.

Logo first round
Iteration 1

Visual Language

We couldn’t overlook the obvious: Tango’s visual language had to dance. Smooth, ribbon-like graphics conveyed moving from step to step, idea to idea — effortlessly and in sync. The visual language has no interruptions or hiccups, using gradients to seamlesslessly transition from one color to the next.

Tango’s previous primary brand color was orange. For the rebrand, we kept this core color because of its distinctiveness and energy, but softened it to bring approachability into the fold.

Color Palette

We chose Tiempos Headline to show professional maturity while remaining welcoming. Aperçu was selected as an all-around workhorse typeface. This character-rich type family displays ownable and somewhat quirky letterforms.

Typography 1
Tango typestack2
Mockups 1
Mockups 2
Tango hat2
Tango shirt v2


Our UI work began with connecting customer needs to company objectives, first through content briefs and then through low-fidelity wireframes. Next came high-fidelity wireframes to establish the general look and feel. Finally, our brand writer and designer tied every element together with new page designs, fine-tuning the details with the Tango team along the way. With a simplified site architecture and easy-to-navigate layouts, Tango’s UI delivered effortlessness throughout the digital experience.

Flow library 4
Mockup 4
Shirt 2
Flow library 2

Brand Support

Tango needed to focus its energy on building the business. Our Brand Support team jumped in to take care of critical rollout needs ranging from pitch decks to branded illustrations.

Tango icons
Mockup 2
Mockup 3

We wanted to work with a partner who would be able to help us set the foundation, and [have] a holistic view of what our brand could be.

Ken Babcock, Co-Founder, Tango

Created by the team at Tango.

Post-Project Success

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