Voiceflow is working to democratize AI assistants so that any business can build, train, and hire them to perform any task. How? By being the only conversational AI platform that truly works for the whole product team — any product team — regardless of the company size, team resources, or tech stack.

Voiceflow isn’t just the best; it’s making the best accessible, which is why the company focuses on building its technology for users, not executives. Its accessible tools address complex technology, delivered as buildable solutions that match a range of audience expectations and tech stacks.

But technology is only part of the story. By championing and enabling collaboration at all levels — within the product, between peers, across teams and departments, and throughout the newly growing community of conversation designers and developers — Voiceflow is positioned as the nexus for building the future’s digital workforce.

While Voiceflow was loved by designers, it was struggling to be taken seriously by its developer community. It needed to adjust this perception so its product could be sold as a shared, collaborative platform.

Voiceflow intro

Brand Strategy

We set out to create a brand identity that would clarify what the brand has to offer and bring it up to the caliber of its product, team, and technology, presenting the brand as the mission-critical solution for product teams building AI assistants.

Voiceflow’s chosen brand attributes — High-End, Opinionated, and Innovative — and its Creator and Explorer archetypes informed our brand concept, “Yes, and.” This concept, inspired by improvisation, guided the rebrand and also served as a metaphor for Voiceflow’s community, who are, in a way, improvisers themselves.

Voiceflow Previous Identity
Voiceflow Attributes
Voiceflow Pattern copy

Verbal Identity

Conversation is at the heart of the Voiceflow brand, so we knew we had to approach its verbal identity with intentionality. Voiceflow is opinionated, but it’s also approachable, and with a target audience consisting of users, not executives, its voice needed to be relatable and informal yet also direct and specific.

With this in mind, we explored a voice and tone that’s confident, cool, and approachable. The perfect complement to the rest of Voiceflow’s brand identity.

Voiceflow Verbal


Voiceflow’s new logo finds inspiration in an unlikely place: the Slinky toy. Drawing from Slinky’s sense of flow and flexibility, the new mark successfully conveys the brand’s “yes, and” spirit while representing the various ways its audience channels improvisation in both practical business cases and fun personal projects.

The logotype is set in UCity Pro by Fatype, the same typeface used in Voiceflow’s product, providing geometric qualities that create balance within the mark and consistency with the rest of the brand.

Voiceflow logo refinement
Voiceflow logo detail1
Voiceflow Logodraw
Voiceflow logo hoodie
Voiceflow wordmark
Voiceflow Final Logo

Visual Language

Chosen for its innovative qualities, ABC Maxi Round Light serves as Voiceflow’s primary typeface. Its light weight provides a precise form that creates a premium and opinionated impression — aligning with the qualities that make Voiceflow distinct.

Voiceflow’s palette is a mix of vibrant, muted, and dark colors that come together to create unexpected color combinations, maintaining uniqueness while balancing play and sophistication. It’s a flexible color system that can shift in tone and meet users where they’re at, whether they’re a lone hobbyist or robust enterprise.

Rounding out Voiceflow’s visual language is a collection of distinct styles and graphic assets. This includes an expressive, flexible type system that allows text to flow and bend, reinforcing the seamless integration between products, conversation designers, and developers. Infinite and impossible objects, rendered in ASCII art, put the “yes, and” concept to practice, showcasing Voiceflow’s technical precision and never ending desire for innovation. And a high-flash, high-contrast photo style serves to capture the authenticity of Voiceflow’s community, putting their individual quirks and personalities on display.

Voiceflow Color 3
Voiceflow Type Stack
Voiceflow logo crop
Voiceflow Pattern 1
Voiceflow slinky
Voiceflow triojpg
Voiceflow matches
Voiceflow linkedin
Voiceflow computer
Voiceflow camera
Voiceflow booth
Voiceflow Mockups 2
Voiceflow wristband

Brand Support

As Voiceflow prepared to publicly launch their rebrand, our Brand Support team was able to step in to assist with asset creation. A lot goes into a rebrand launch, and we tackled some swag, team business cards, slide decks, and more. We also created graphics for Voiceflow’s core values, which were refined in our verbal identity work.

Voiceflow sweatshirt
Voiceflow slides
Voiceflow Brand Support

Thanks to you and the team for the amazing work, patience, and thoughtfulness. You're all a dream to work with! This is going to be a slam dunk.

Kristin Hillery, Director of Brand & Content, Voiceflow
Voiceflow End

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