Brand and UI Designer

Ben Johnson

Ben was born in Indiana and grew up with a creative itch that needed scratching.

Recognizing this, his family inspired him to pursue his creative interests, which included drawing and photography. When it came time for college, his parents encouraged him to give design a try — a gentle push that he’s forever grateful for.

Ben’s experience at Indiana University sharpened his passion for excellent design and gave him a greater appreciation for problem solving and helping others. So, it was only natural that after he graduated, he made a career for himself as a designer in the nonprofit industry. For a decade, he honed his newfound power: combining design and strategy to connect audiences with fantastic organizations.

While Indiana will always have a place in his heart, Ben grew tired of the snow. After meeting his wife, the two moved to sunnier Austin, Texas, which offers a number of things they love: warm weather, great outdoors, and incredible food. When he isn’t designing, Ben stays busy chasing after his kids, Wylder and Wren, and his Goldendoodles, Tejas and Louie. He also loves building Lego with his kids, gardening with his wife, and fishing with his buddies.

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