Growth and Social Media Coordinator

Sarah McHugh

Sarah is drawn to connecting with partners. As a natural communicator and collaborator, she is fueled by making meaningful connections that lead to mutual growth.

This Chicagoland native escaped the frigid winters and temperamental midwestern climate for sunny Savannah. She spends as much time outdoors as possible and often finds her way to the beach to unwind.

Sarah holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Public Health focusing on social behavior, has a professional background in higher education in student success, and is now fully immersed in the world of branding. She is a lifelong learner, a challenge chaser, and an optimization opportunist.

As a self-proclaimed lava cake, Sarah is filled with warmth and sweetness that is shared with her teammates and Focus Lab partners. She fosters meaningful relationships that highlight individual strengths and build upon opportunities for improvement.

Sarah is a competitive athlete and #girlcoach. After her four years as a Division I soccer player, she enjoys tearing it up on the field in Savannah’s adult league and coaching the little ones to grow and develop as players and people.

She is a runner, a reader, and an eater. These three activities typically fill her free time in one way or another (and she’s not mad about it).

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