Dooly makes sales about selling again. By instantly and actively piping information from one software system to another, it eliminates any redundancy or wasted time by automating those administrative, slow-moving responsibilities.

Dooly sits alone, between two saturated and highly-competitive industries: sales enablement and note-taking software. With Dooly's newly-aligned brand identity and deep brand purpose of empowerment, the brand has the power to leave these cluttered and noisy landscapes behind and forge a new territory all its own. Its new, elevated position will allow Dooly to challenge stagnation, rally today’s revenue professionals, and offer a better way forward. Already valued and loved by users, it’s time for Dooly to use its gained momentum and distinction to joyfully disrupt its industry surroundings.

Dooly was ready for a bold brand experience that positioned them as the first of their category and challenger of the status quo.

Brand Strategy

Dooly's revenue revolution requires an identity that proudly differentiates them from their competitors. The world of technology companies is full of inoffensive blues, monograms, austere design, and a general lack of personality. In contrast, Dooly identified their brand attributes as trusted, playful, and bold. Dooly's previous brand had established a memorable pink, something we amplified for the new brand.

Dooly is on a mission to free people to focus on their highest value work, so the whole business moves faster, smarter, together.

Dooly attributes
Dooly patternpaper

Verbal Identity

Dooly needed to communicate a new way of doing things to people who had not experienced it yet. And that’s harder still when the solution they’re talking about is associated with enterprise systems, known for being cumbersome and complicated (the opposite of what they provide). Our verbal identity work rallied their team around a common goal. Dooly offers a unique approach: they start with the end user, solving their problems, and then ladder up to the business as a whole. Dooly's verbal identity must broadcast immense practical value while simultaneously energizing and delighting users. How they’re different is both tangible and intangible, so what they message—and the voice they use to do so—has to reflect both.

Every employee at Dooly is lovingly referred to as a "Dooligan," and that Dooligan spirit is a blast to be around. The Dooly brand voice is aligned with that Dooligan spirit: fun, relatable, and bold.

Dooly amyhaley
Dooly voicepink2

We want to create a movement, stand for something, and be different. We are flipping enterprise software on its head. We want to be bold in our approach and build a rebellion.



Dooly's mark represents momentum, speed, energy, and driving change. It is a monogram "D," but also an endless funnel and a bold symbol of revolution. It can be used alone on occasion or in proximity to the logotype in a given composition.

Dooly's logotype is custom-built on the bones of the typeface Ballpill. It has very unique curvature in the counters and mixes organic shapes with sharp, technical outer edges. It showcases a sturdy weight and quirky attributes to balance a trusted and playful aesthetic.

Dooly logotypegrid gray
Dooly logotypefinal
Dooly lockup2
Dooly explore 0001 doolypinktubes

Early visual concepts

Dooly explore 0000 doolyr1tee

Visual Language

Bold in their simplicity, black and white are the main colors for the Dooly visual language, followed by energetic punches of hot pink.

Dooly uses Calibre exclusively as its brand typeface. It's an incredibly flexible sans serif family that is slightly condensed and showcases some subtle humanist qualities. Dooly mixes and matches Calibre's weight and styles to achieve optimal type hierarchy.

Paper tears are used to communicate revolution; tearing through the old to reveal the new. This visual element also works as a useful design detail when separating content or adding visual intrigue to an application. Similarly, a spray paint texture suggests rebellion in playful colors.

Dooly color
Dooly type2
Dooly colorcombo2
Dooly biz
Dooly spraypaint
Dooly uxsample

Brand Support

Dooly loves to be bold, so they decided to launch their new brand at one of their industry's biggest annual conferences: SaaStr. Our Brand Support team was able to help them get all the visual assets needed for the event: booth graphics, stickers, swag, and even hot sauce labels. Hot sauce is a signature Dooly gift, and their previous labels needed to be updated accordingly. We illustrated new hero graphics that felt playful and bold.

In addition to their SaaStr launch, Dooly needed digital assets for their online presence: social media avatars, banners, templates, and more. Applying a new brand to such a variety of collateral helps to further refine the brand's application.

Dooly social
Dooly chainsmokers
Dooly boxblue
Dooly tee
Dooly hotsaucev3

Post-Project Success

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